eMpTy Minds Radio #407 (11-02-2018)

Show time. The city’s buzzing with excitement and eager to await another amazing performance at the little top secret studio. Hell, there’d be a crowd of on-lookers and autograph seekers on hand at the entrance to greet the stars of EMR, if only they knew where to go. So, let’s not miss a minute of the excitement. It’s just a short walk around the corner. Will you join me? It’s EMR 4-0-7, motherfuckers. Enjoy!


Hey, you, get into my car. Who,
_me? Yes, you…get into my car.
_Who’s that lady coming down the

_road. Who’s that lady? Who’s that

_woman walking through my door?

_What’s the score? I’ll be the sun

_shining on you. Hey, Cinderella,
_step into your shoe. I’ll be your
_non-stop lover. Get it while you
_can. Your non-stop miracle. I’m
_your man. Get outta my dreams.
_Get into my car. Get outta my 
_dreams. Get into my car. Lady 
_driver let me take your wheel.
_Smooth operator. Touch my 
_bumper. Hey, let’s make a deal.
_make it real. Like a road runner
_coming after you. Just like a
_hero, out of the blue. I’ll be your
_non-stop lover. Get it while you
_can. Your non-stop miracle. I’m
_your man.

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