eMpTy Minds Radio #408 (11-09-2018)

Experience is the best teacher. Try a Camel, and let your own experience tell you why more people are smoking Camels than ever before. Yes, let your “T-Zone” decide which cigarette you like best. Your “T-Zone,” that’s “T” for Taste and “T” for Throat, is your true proving ground for any cigarette. So try a Camel on your “T-Zone.” Introduce Camel’s rich, full flavor to your Taste. Acquaint your Throat with Camel’s cool mildness. See if you don’t decide, like so many other smokers, that Camels suit your “T-Zone” to a “T”! Not sure about that weird fabricated T-Zone shit. And we at EMR don’t advocate smoking, nor are we paid to advertise Camels. But you ain’t no fucking kid! If you want to smoke, who are we to tell you no? This is EMR episode four-zero-eight. Enjoy!


All I wanna do is have some fun
_before I die, says the man next
_to me, out of nowhere. It’s 

_apropos of nothin’. He says his

_name is William. But I’m sure

_he’s Bill or Billy or Mac or Buddy.

_And he’s plain ugly to me. And I
_wonder if he’s ever had a day of
_fun in his whole life. We are 
_drinkin’ beer on Tuesday, in a 
_bar that faces a giant car-wash..

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– Cinema PaulieDiso is having dangerous thoughts
– We accidentally skipped Jerry’s Happy Note
– Shower Thoughts
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– So much more, your head will spin!