eMpTy Minds Radio #392 (07-12-2018)

How many ages and generations have brooded and wept and agonized over this Book! What untellable joys and ecstasies, what support to martyrs at the stake, to what myriads has it been the shore and rock of safety — the refuge from driving tempest and wreck! Of its thousands there is not a verse, not a word, but is thick-studded with human emotion. Uhh…what? What book? Whatevs. This is EMR number three-hundred-ninety two, kids. Enjoy!


The day they found me, I hadn’t
_yet been played. Inside my
_workshop behind the old arcade.
_Electric desires had unraveled 
_all my wires. Now I’m in the box
_for safekeeping. The news re-
_porters reported that I died. But
_all my organs were living on in-
_side. Circuit board to brain with
_two lungs collecting change. One
_big human heart gently beeping.
_You can’t win me. I can’t be beat.

_I won’t hurt you unless you cheat.
_You can’t see me behind the
_screen. I’m half human and half
_machine. Thank God for business,
_they let me take the floor. I stood
_so proudly, like I was going to  war.
_Players soon appeared and I quick-
_ly was revered. This must be what
_love would have felt like.

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