eMpTy Minds Radio #391 (07-06-2018)

If the Chimes shudder a little on Sunday afternoon, well, they know there’s mystery in store Sunday with men of action like Mike Waring, better known as “The Falcon,” who brings his fearless and romantic touch to the solution of another mystery. After “The Falcon,” it’s “High Adventure.” Then, the big guy steps in. The new private eye, “Charley Wild” concludes with a few casual homicides. The Chimes mean mystery and action this Sunday afternoon! On a Friday night, however, well… On a Friday, it’s EMR. This is episode 391. Enjoy!


I got a pocket full of quarters, and
_I’m headed to the arcade. I don’t
_have a lot of money, but I’m 
_bringing everything I made. I’ve
_got a callus on my finger and my
_shoulder’s hurting too. I’m going
_to eat them all up, just as soon
_as they turn blue. Cause I’ve got
_Pacman fever. Pacman fever. It’s
_driving me crazy. Driving me 
_crazy. I’ve got Pacman fever.
_Pacman fever. I’m going out of 

_my mind. Going out of my mind.
_I’ve got all the patterns down, up
_until the ninth key. I’ve got 
_speedy on my tail and I know it’s
_either him or me. So, I’m heading
_out the back door and in the 
_other side. Gonna eat the cherries
_up and take them all for a ride.

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