eMpTy Minds Radio #393 (07-20-2018)

Good evening, folks, this is Ken Niles. We are happy to announce that this broadcast is being made available thanks to Rinso. You know, an old proverb that I just thought of, says if you want a whiter wash well done just leave it to Rinso. And how true that is. Why, those quick acting Rinso suds are tough as nails on dirt and grime, yet safe for washable colors. And with Rinso, you can hustle through a load of clothes with as little as a five-minute run in your washer. How’s that for saving your clothes and easing up on your trusty machine? That washer’s got to last for the duration you know. If I were you I’d have it checked right now by a reliable dealer. And I’d certainly get the new anti-sneeze Rinso tomorrow! And now, a cleaner, fresher EMR. It’s episode three-hundred-ninety-three. Enjoy!


Oh when the sun beats down and
_burns the tar up on the roof. And
_when your shoes get so hot, you
_wish your tired feet were fire-
_proof. Under the boardwalk,
_down by the sea, yeah. On a
_blanket with my baby is where
_I’ll be. Out of the sun, we’ll be
_havin’ some fun. People walking
_above, we’ll be falling in love. 
_Under the boardwalk, boardwalk.
_In the park you hear the happy 

_sound of a carousel. Mmm mmm,
_you can almost taste the hot dogs
_and french fries they sell. Under
_the boardwalk, down by the sea.
_On a blanket, with my baby, is
_where I’ll be. Out of the sun, we’ll
_be havin’ some fun. People walking
_above, we’ll be falling in love.
_Under the boardwalk. Under the

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