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eMpTy Minds Radio #287 (07-08-2016)

Can we ask you something? How would you like to have a beautiful bronze Medal of Membership to show that you’re a special friend of EMR’s and bona fide member of our new 2016 Bullshit Patrol? A medal that entitles you to take part in a great adventure and get lots of free gifts and prizes. A medal you’ll be so proud to show your friends that you’ll want to carry it with you wherever you go. It’s made with heavy bronze with raised letters and pictures on the front and back. Just like on a real Medal of Honor. It has a swell picture of Jerry and also of our good friend, Clamboy. There’s also a mystic radio clock face on it and also the mysterious new secret password of the 2016 Bullshit Patrol. A password that’s the key to greater mysteries that are still to come. There isn’t such a medallion in existence, but wouldn’t you like to have one?  Enjoy episode two-eighty-seven!


Mobile station where I stand,
_this old gas pump in my hand.
_The boss don’t like me, face

_like a weasel. All on my 
_hands, the smell of diesel.
_Here comes the big shot,
_here he comes. From the
_city. God damn! A V-8
_engine, she runs so pretty.

– Fucking Mannequin!
– Saints Steal Fireworks

– Gas Fire Is Just Dandy

– People In This Town, Can’t
_Fucking Drive
– Don’t Tell Mom, The Baby-
_Sittter’s Drunk

– And a whole lot more

– Cinema PaulieDiso considers that a
– The Ramones Take The Stage
– 100 Years of Kirk
– Ramone, Kiarostami, Lucas, Captain

– The Mentaltainment Ticker
– Birthdays, What We Watched +
_tons more

– Tonight we are drinking a vast selection of Garry’s left over beers
– A long discussion on the local Philandro Castile shooting
– So much more, your head will spin!