eMpTy Minds Radio – Episode 17 (04-03-2011)

Thanks for going into the EMR archives for a spell…the count down to zero is well under way.   Okay, the countdown to one…there isn’t actually an episode zero.

This here episode has some Tom, some Myron, Garry, Jerry, Paulie & Burns!  Get a load of this Burns dude.  He did a handful of shows and then vanished off the Golden Leaf map.  The fully manned EM Rmy, clad in the finest cheese-mail storms the castle of BS and chops the heads off of the following tidbits:

Tom‘s 5 Minute Cinema – the first appearance of the hillbillies
– New releases
Myron takes on the Sexy Beast
Burnsy‘s All Things Shiny
Jerry hits us with Tech-Sheizen (re-christened Techin’ It Up The Ass)
–  A romping good round of Onion or No Onion
– And much, much more!  Don’t believe me?  Listen to the show…I dare you