eMpTy Minds Radio – Episode 16 (03-27-2011)

Ahhh yes, Sweet 16. Welcome to episode 16…thanks for continuing to count backwards with us…to a world before eMpTy Minds Radio. Before the lunacy, before the fun, before you heard a group of people who love to point out how stupid shit is, everywhere, all the time.

Rolling over the following with a dull steam-roller:

– A fantastic round of Mentaltainment Movie Trivia
– Your Charlie Chanism of The Day
– A sweet rendition of Reminiscing: Time For Timer
– These fucking ass car rental places with their ass fucking fees
Lying about leaky reactor…not too nice, assholes!
Los Angeles area cigar shops
– The 20 stupidest things on Craigslist
– Tons more of the regular stuff and irregular stuff