eMpTy Minds Radio #437 (05-31-2019)

Ladies and gentlemen, the element of suspense is so vital to our story tonight, that our sponsors, the makers of Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer, are omitting their usual commercial message during the intermission between the acts so that our play will go uninterrupted from spooky start to spooky finish. Therefore, let’s give Ken Roberts his forty-five second opportunity right now to extol the merits of that blended, splendid, eh, Ken? Ken? Kennnnn? Ken is apparently listening to EMR episode 437 right now and we don’t want to disturb him. Why don’t you give it a listen?


I woke up this morning with a
_bad hangover. And my penis
_was missing again. This happens
_all the time — it’s detachable.
_This comes in handy a lot of the

_time. I can leave it home when
_I think it’s gonna get me in 
_trouble. Or I can rent it out 

_when I don’t need it. But now
_and then I go to a party, get
_drunk and the next morning I
_can’t, for the life of me, re-
_member what I did with it.
_First I looked around my apart-
_ment and couldn’t find it..

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