eMpTy Minds Radio #365 (01-05-2018)

Happy 2018, EMR listener! New year. New idiots to make fun of. New crazy EMR antics, and some old ones too. Hope it is a good one for you and yours. Here is the first new theme of the year – drive-in theater signs. This is episode 365. Enjoy!


I spent all my childhood years
_wishin’ that I looked like a 
_movie star. Cigarette behind my
_ear, leanin’ up against a muscle

_car. Wanna know all the things

_that I shouldn’t know. Got
_smokes that I stole from the 
_Seven-Eleven. Everybody’s at
_the drive-in, I wanna go. I 
_wanna be the guy who doesn’t

_like to fight, but who could kick
_your ass if you touch his girl. I

_wanna be the guy who breaks all
_the rules, but the cops let him off
_’cause they think he’s cool. Wanna
_know all the things that I shouldn’t
_know. Got smokes that I stole from
_the Seven-Eleven. Everybody’s at
_the drive-in, I wanna go.

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