eMpTy Minds Radio #350 (09-22-2017)

The Great Gildersleeve is brought to you by the Kraft Foods Company, makers of the famous cheese food Velveeta. Everybody goes for Velveeta’s rich yet mild cheddar cheese flavor, in snacks and sandwiches and in hot dishes. And hidden in that swell cheese flavor are important nutrients from milk. That’s why smart homemakers keep Velveeta on hand regularly to spread or slice, and to melt for grand economical hot dishes. Tomorrow, get Velveeta, the cheese food of Kraft quality! And now…our program – It’s seldom you find the Great Gildersleeve sitting in a movie, unless there’s an added attraction. This evening, the added attraction is coming from the digital audio streaming device built into his butt-plug. It is being vibrated through his entire body all the way to his ear-drums where he is listening to EMR episode three-fifty, with a sly smile on his face. Won’t you join him?


We want to multiply. Are you
_gonna do it? I know you’re
_qualified. Are you gonna do it?
_Don’t be so circumscribed. Are

_you gonna do it? Just get your-

_self untied. Are you gonna do
_it? Feel the heat, pushing you
_to decide. Feel the heat, 
_burning you up, ready or not.
_Some like it hot and some
_sweat when the heat is on. 
_Some feel the heat and decide
_that they can’t go on. Some
_like it hot, but you can’t tell
_how hot till you try. Some like
_it hot, so let’s turn up the heat
_’til we fry. The girl is at your
_side. Are you gonna do it? She
_wants to be your bride. Are
_you gonna do it? She wants to
_multiply. Are you gonna do it?
_I know you won’t be satisfied,
_until you do it.

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