eMpTy Minds Radio #343 (08-04-2017)

On a lovely August day in the year Two-Thousand-Seventeen, Marie Boyer came home from a convent to stay with her widowed mother. At the start of our story, she has been home for about half an hour. Marie – “You know, mother, most of my life’s been spent in convents. Living in the outside world will seem so strange to me.” Mother – “You’ll soon get used to it. Besides, I think you’ve wasted enough of your time cooped up in an institution.” Marie – “But what will I do all day?” Mother – “Listen to eMpTy Minds Radio, dear. You have some catching up to do. Episode three-forty-three will be a lovely place for you to start. Enjoy!”


If you’re going to San Fran-
_cisco, be sure to wear some
_flowers in your hair. If you’re
_going to San Francisco, 

_you’re gonna meet some 

_gentle people there. For
_those who come to San Fran-
_cisco, summer time will be a
_love-in there. In the streets
_of San Francisco, gentle
_people, with flowers in their

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