eMpTy Minds Radio #342 (07-28-2017)

And now, friends, tonight’s story is a triangle tale concerning a man, a woman and a murderer. You’ve heard it said that those who laugh last, laugh best. But we’re going to prove that it never pays to get into a laughing contest … with a ghost. Because ghosts always get the last laugh. Bwahaha!! Psst…this is really EMR, episode three-forty-two. Tell only your closest confidante’s. Enjoy!


She’s coming on like a 
_bicycle army. Everybody’s
_waitin’ for the man to come
_down from the tower. Every-

_day is just like a vacation

_with you. I’m watchin’ you
_and Fidel Castro in the sand,
_assassin! Girl you’ve got to
_roll, Sister Havana. Overthrow.
_Sister Havana. There’s no time
_to lose. I don’t care what they
_say. There’s no time to lose. 
_We could have a holiday. But
there’s no time for hesitation.
_There’s no time for waitin’.
_There’s no time, so let’s take
_the time, and get it on today.
_You’ve got to roll, Sister Havana.

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