eMpTy Minds Radio #334 (06-02-2017)

The Five Star Theater starts another week of programming with presentations of a scope, magnitude and variety never before assembled under one banner. Under the patronage of the Standard Oil Companies of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Louisiana and the Colonial Beacon Oil Company, the Five Star Theatre will present a brand-new radio attraction every night in the week except Saturday and Sunday. Five stellar productions each week. Every night a first night. With the world’s greatest singers, musicians, actors, writers and speakers collaborating in a gigantic entertainment program for your enjoyment. This, in a word, is the Five Star Theater, and here is this week’s program, running every single night until the next week – eMpTy Minds Radio, episode 334


Veruca Salt, the little brute
_had just gone down the 
_garbage chute. And she 
_will meet, as she descends,

_a rather different set of 

_friends. A rather different
_set of friends. A rather 
_different set of friends. 
_A fish head for example cut,
_this morning from a halibut.
_An oyster from an oyster 
_stew. A steak that no one
_else would chew

– Theft Technique Is On Fire
– Da Grimm Consequences

– Lock Valuables In Trunk

– Head of School Steals From
– And a whole lot more

– The Moving Tributes

– When The Movie Isn’t Good
_Enough…Add Shit!
– Gadot, Nanjiana, Coppola
– The Ticker Flashback
– Birthdays, What We 
Watched +
_tons more

– A hot round of Brand Name Band Name

– A new Analog Head-Trip
– So much more, your head will spin!