eMpTy Minds Radio – Episode 46 (11-20-2011)

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Vampire Hockey Guy is our gift to you this holiday season.  While you mull over the ridiculousness of that, here is today’s lineup:

Your Hosts – Tom and Myron
Your News Man – Garry
Your Tech Guy – Jerry

Together, along with our friend Vampire Hockey Guy, we bite deeply into the necks of the following items, leaving their corpses in the streets of Ye Olde Saint Paul.

Thanksgiving now a gateway to the darkest Black Friday ever known
Fruitport, Michigan…because we can 
– Abuse to animals so bad even McDonald’s & Target won’t back it
– Jerry dates – the saga continues
– Tower Heist – the only thing stolen was your ten bucks!
Old Spice has come to roost and it ain’t leavin’
– A romper stomper solid round of What’s In Jerry’s Condo?
Almodovar, Jarmusch, & other film fantastico
– Snow fucking sucks…and this is just the beginning
– Good Times…anytime ya need ’em, baby
– Brett Rattner – climbing to the top of the list of those that suck
– Marcus Bachmann now personally handling collections
– The word “fag” not always bad, but uptight, indignant morons are
– Calling for a criminal background check on anyone playing an Austin Powers villain
– Convicted molester casting director, birthdays, cigars, Uptown Cafeteria, and so much more!