eMpTy Minds Radio – Episode 40 (10-09-2011)

Thanks for checking us out, this here is our 40th episode!  

SPECIAL INTERVIEW – Owner & Founder of Marco V Cigar Company, Marco V hangs with us for a bit!

In the jungle, the eMpTy Minds Jungle, Garry sleeps tonight…but Tom, Myron and Jerry do NOT.  We are on the hunt, tracking down stories, weirdness and stupidity and beating it mercilessly.  Here is a sample of our prey:

Vegas, make up your fucking mind!
McCartney, dead or alive or just out of socks?
New Mexico plays game of Fake Cop, Bad Cop
– The Twins can’t even win at losing…so fuck them!
– Rock ’em Sock ’em Jackman
Steve Jobs. Can you bitch about the dead?  We can
– Machined pizza, all the precision you could want…in a pizza
– The box-pressed cigar…why it’s just fucking better
– Ass references – apparently too many of them
– Italian immigrant designs a fantastic reason for you to visit Watts
–  Local football team did what? No god damn way!
– Bad movies, good movies, the single best episode of  TV EVER & tons more!!