eMpTy Minds Radio #461 (11-15-2019)

Good evening, Friends, Mort Lawry here to share with you an insider’s secret. Ever accidentally shit your pants? Hey…who hasn’t? Even your good pal, Mort has let loose a little trouser juice on occasion. Worry about it no more. And never suffer the embarrassment of walking away from the dinner table holding your pants legs so you don’t soil the floor. Introducing Stuff N’ Go, a brand new product from those fine folks at Jelly Roll Industries. Just take one of these ultra absorbent, shit-trigger-scented towlettes and stuff it all the way up your asshole. The minute you let more than air escape your rear, the Stuff N’ Go will take care of it and properly scent the area. Take it from me…I never leave the house without first Stuffing. Now, on with our regular program…your good buddies over at EMR. This is Episode 461. Enjoy it. Won’t you?


Follow the yellow brick road.
_Follow the yellow brick road.
_Follow the yellow brick road.
_Follow the rainbow over the
_stream. Follow the fella who

_follows a dream. Follow, 
_follow, follow, follow, follow
_the yellow brick road. We’re
_off to see The Wizard, the
_wonderful Wizard of Oz. We
_hear he is a whiz of a wiz if
_ever a wiz there was. If ever,
_oh ever, a wiz there was. The 
_Wizard of Oz is one because…
_Because, because, because, be-
_cause, because…Because of 
_the wonderful things he does

– Gobble Gobble, Muthafuckas!
– There’s A Little Black Welt On His Arm Today
– And a whole lot more

– Back From The Dead
– Cinema PaulieDiso is slumming it
– DeNiro, Mirren, Young
– The Ticker Flashback
– Birthdays + tons more

– An all new Top Ten List
– The EMR Really Strange Quiz
– Plenty of Odd Tidbits
– So much more, your head will spin!