eMpTy Minds Radio #459 (11-01-2019)

Friends, the cold weather months were just around the corner. Now, they’re here. With cold comes illness. The dripping nose, the headaches, the shit running down your pants leg…uncontrollably…sometimes for hours. With the new Sgt. Funk Brand Sick Elixir never deal with these problems again. When the symptoms arise, just chug-a-lug the entire gallon and your problems with be over. Steve Dixon, your announcer here at the EMR Playhouse swears by Sgt. Funk Brand Sick Elixir. Don’t get fucked when you can get funked instead. Now…here’s episode #459. Enjoy!


I just moved in my new house
_today. Movin’ was hard, but I 
_got squared away. Bells 
_started ringin’ and chains
_rattled loud. I knew I’d moved

_in a haunted house. Still, I 
_made up in my mind to stay.
_Nothin’ was agonna drive me
_away. When I seen somethin’
_that give me the creep. Had
_one big eye and atwo big feet.
_I stood right still and I did the
_freeze. He did the stroll right
_up to me. Made a noise with 
_his feet that sound like a drum.
_Say you’ll be here when the
_mornin’ come.

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