eMpTy Minds Radio #427 (3-22-2019)

I am Morris Mandekovich … remember my name. Somewhere in a field in Peru a naked skull lies white in the sun and does not remember. The socket is empty where once my eye was living and warm and saw the things I have to tell. Do not pity me. Pity only those who are not dead and suffer still.¬† I shall tell you my story and you shall judge it. Hey! You can sit and talk to a skull in a field or you can get yourself informed — your choice. It’s EMR 427, kiddies!


When the sleet smacks you in
_the face and you’ve fallen¬†
_down in his backyard. A stiff,
_cold breeze blows right up
_your ass. You clutch at snow as

_if it were his eyes. You want to
_scream. All you do is spit. The
_neighbors are staring; they’re

_calling the cops. So, you crawl
_back to who’s pouring the shots.
_We’ve got some civility after all.
_Apologies are made for the
_wrongs you take the blame for.
_Now, clean up this mess and show
_them what you’re made for. Spike
_heeled shuffle across the lino-
_leum tile. Fall over, stumble —
_you’re a black-toothed joke. He
_puts you through the wall, again.
_And dopes you up, to take you out.

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