eMpTy Minds Radio #421 (02-08-2019)

Good evening, friends. I’m not going to waste any time or words getting into tonight’s story. One day, not so long ago, I entered my office in the National Surety Company’s building just as the phone was ringing. So, you know what I did? I threw that god-damned phone out my window, sat back in my chair, put my feet up and put on my very favorite podcast in all the world — eMpTy Minds Radio. If it’s good enough for me, it’s sure as hell good enough for you. This is episode four-twenty-one. Enjoy!


Bowling down the alley with
_pretty, playful Sally. Rolling
_down the alley, bowling, Sally
_and me. We’d bowl away our
_daily blues when we’d tie on

_those bowling shoes. Rolling
_down the alley, my Sally and
_me. Rolling down the alley,

_anticipating tally. Rolling
_down the alley, bowling, Sally
_and me. The score will show
_we’re pretty bad, but look at
_all the fun we’ve had. Rolling
_down the alley, my Sally and
_me. We pretend that every pin
_is someone that we dislike. We
_aim right at the knucklehead,
_and come up with the lucky

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