eMpTy Minds Radio #417 (01-11-2019)

SUSPENSE, Radio’s Outstanding Theater of Thrills, is presented for your enjoyment by Roma Wines. That’s R-O-M-A, Roma Wines, those excellent California wines that can add so much pleasantness to the way you live, to your happiness in entertaining guests, to your enjoyment of everyday meals. Yes, right now, a glassful would be very pleasant as Roma Wines bring you a remarkable tale of assault against stupidity & bullshit. This is eMpTy Minds Radio (EMR) episode four-hundred-seventeen. Please enjoy!


There is a bar they call the Bitter
_Sea. And she sits and drinks a 
_Velvet Crush. That’s Kool-Aid and
_gin. Casing the clientele like a
_relentless camera man, she is

_elsewhere. She says you keep a-
_knocking, but you can’t come in.
_And I say – little sister, don’t you

_do what your big sister does. 
_Spiral down, down, down, down,
_down, down, down. Well, desire
_looks just like you with an Uzi
_nine. Gun down fifteen bystanders
_in a roadside drive by, yeah.
_Desire is the grass-fire drinking
_gasoline. She says open up your
_mouth, man, let me come inside.
_Spiral down, down, down, down,
_down, down, down. She cracked
_now. Now they call me Mr. Bitter-
_ness. She snapped now. Now they
_call me Mr. Bitterness. She’s gone.

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