eMpTy Minds Radio #403 (10-05-2018)

… People who make their way through this world by entertaining you — and you and you — have a way of expressing their appreciation for real talent. Behind the greasepaint and make-up of a performer, they look for fine shadings in characterization, the timing of lines, the tempo and pace and heart that a man brings to his work. When they find them in just the right proportion, they say, “That fellow is an actor’s actor.” Just like when they find a podcast that is a perfect balance of go fuck yourself, they say “That podcast is a podcaster’s podcast!” And this a podcaster’s episode four-hundred-three. Enjoy!


I fell asleep at the wheel. I thought
_this drive was a steal. Late nights
_in my head. You stop dreaming, 

_you’re dead already. Some of us

_went to school. Some were far too

_cool. Some were just kicking dirt.

_Some just chasing skirt…around the
_world. I’m not making it up. I’m
_really not. Wouldn’t lie to a friend
_of a friend…or some guy. I’m not
_making it up. I’m not making it up. 
_Looking back, I see an easier path
_or two. Rather suck the joy right
_out of you. Pull your soul from your
_mouth, knock your teeth loose. 
_Each extra lap. Every subtle mishap.
_I’m not sure you’d love me the same.
_If you knew just how insane I really

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