eMpTy Minds Radio #399 (09-07-2018)

Expense account, submitted by special investigator Johnny Dollar. To the Philadelphia Mutual Life and Casualty Insurance Company…in Philadelphia, where else? Following is an account of expenses incurred during my investigation of the Clever Chemist Matter. Oh shit! Seems we’ve misplaced that ledger…again. Guess we’re just gonna have to listen to another episode of EMR while we look for it. How about 399? Enjoy!


Most people live on a lonely island,
_lost in the middle of a foggy sea.
_Most people long for another island,
_one where they know they will like
_to be. Bali Ha’i may call you, any
_night, any day. In your heart you
_will hear it call you — come away,
_come away. Bali Ha’i will whisper
_in the wind of the sea: here I am,
_your special island. Come to me.
_Come to me. Your own special
_hopes. Your own special dream.
_Bloom on the hillside and shine in
_the streams. If you try, you’ll find
_me, where the sky meets the sea.
_Here I am, your special island.
_Come to me. Come to me. Bali Ha’i.
_Bali Ha’i. Bali Ha’i. Here I am, your
_special island. Come to me.


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