eMpTy Minds Radio #387 (06-08-2018)

Prophecy is an easy thing, for rarely is the prophet brought to judgement. Tonight I bring you a false prophecy. The place of our story is a great rocket speeding away from the moon. Yes, away! – for the first trip to the moon has finally taken place, and the triumphant airship is now rapidly returning to the mother earth. Here then, is a story about a tomorrow fifty-five years hence. September twentieth in the year of our Lord, two thousand. On board a rocket ship – I sincerely hope – a very FALSE prophecy. Fuck false prophecy, false prophets, liars and shitheads. We do…and we do it well. Check out episode 387 for more details. 


Where can you find pleasure, 
_search the world for treasure, 
_learn science technology? Where
_can you begin to make your 
_dreams all come true, on the
_land or on the sea? Where can
_you learn to fly, play in sports
_and skin dive? Study ocean-
_ography, sign up for the big
_band or sit in the grandstand?
_When your team and others 
_meet. In the Navy, you can sail

_the seven seas. In the Navy, yes
_you can put your mind at ease.
_In the Navy, come on now, 
_people, make a stand. In the
_Navy. In the Navy. Can’t you see
_we need a hand?  Come on, 
_protect your motherland. In the

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