eMpTy Minds Radio #368 (01-26-2018)

 In a country as large as ours there are many odd and wonderful corners hidden away but none more fabulous and wonderful than the one conceived in the imagination of F. Scott Fitzgerald and located in the pages of his famous short story, “The Diamond as Big as the Ritz.” It is described in the words of John Unger, twenty years old, impressionable, and quite willing to swear to the truth of this whole strange affair. John Unger, a man of the truth. A man after the hearts of everyone involved with EMR. Truth, it would seem, is in short supply. Won’t you come along with us and soak some in? This is episode three-sixty-eight. Enjoy!


Wake up, little Susie. Wake up.
_Wake up, little Susie. Wake up.
_Well I told your mama that 
_you’d be in by ten. Well, Susie

_baby, it looks like we goofed
_again. Wake up, little Susie.
_Wake up, little Susie. We gotta
_go home. Wake up, little Susie.
_Wake up, little Susie. The movie
_wasn’t so hot; it didn’t have much
_of a plot. We fell asleep, our
_goose is cooked, our reputation
_is shot. Wake up, little Susie.
_Wake up, little Susie. Well…
_What are we gonna tell your mama?
_What are we gonna tell your pa?
_What are we gonna tell our friends,
_when they say ooh-lah-lah, wake up,
_little Susie? Wake up, little Susie.
_Wake up, little Susie...

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