eMpTy Minds Radio #354 (10-20-2017)

Ten o’clock in the morning in Santa Margurita’s ancient bastille of stone which hugs the waterfront at the north end of the city. This filthy hole of a jail, built long ago to hold criminals and slaves newly brought over from Spain, stands so close to the South Atlantic Ocean that twenty feet of its lower wall is awash at high-tide and four to six feet is under water at ALL times. And this is where Doc and Reggie have been lodged; in the state of San Moreno’s one and only prison in San Moreno’s one and only seaport, Santa Margurita. They are prisoners, accused of the murder of a piano player in the waterfront saloon, the Blue Circle. That was last night. Tonight, a round of EMR…on the house. Enjoy!


I like to dream,yes…yes, right
_between my sound machine.
_On a cloud of sound I drift in 
_the night, any place it goes is

_right. Goes far, flies near, to

_the stars away from here. Well,
_you don’t know what we can
_find. Why don’t you come with
_me, little girl, on a magic car-
_pet ride? You don’t know what
_we can see. Why don’t you tell
_your dreams to me? Fantasy
_will set you free. Close your 
_eyes girl, look inside girl, let
_the sound take you away. Last
_night I held Aladdin’s Lamp,
_and so I wished that I could stay.
_Before the thing could answer me,
_well, someone came and took the
_lamp away…

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