eMpTy Minds Radio #340 (07-14-2017)

What is romance? Romance is the light on the path of love. But a light so delicate that even a breath may put it out. You’d hate that to happen to you, wouldn’t you? Don’t let unpleasing breath offend the one you love. Brush your teeth night and morning, and before every date, with Colgate Tooth Powder. Scientific tests have proven that, in seven cases out of ten, Colgate Tooth Powder instantly stops unpleasant breath. And, Colgate Tooth Powder is the only tooth powder that offers proof of this fact. Also, Colgate Tooth Powder cleans your teeth beautifully.  Remember the name — Colgate Tooth Powder — with the accent on powder. And NOW, EMR episode three-hundred-forty. Enjoy!


Well, we’re movin’ on up,
_to the east side, to a 
_deluxe apartment in the
_sky. Movin’ on up, to the 

_east side. We finally got a

_piece of the pie. Fish don’t
_fry in the kitchen, beans 
_don’t burn on the grill.  
_Took a whole of tryin’,
_just to get up that hill.
_Now we’re up in the big
_leagues, gettin’ our turn 
_at bat. As long as we live,
_It’s you and me, baby. 
_There ain’t nothin’ wrong
with that.

– It’s Market Time, Asswipe!
– Reliability Is A Bitch!

– Giant Granny Boobs

– Never Renew Your License

– And a whole lot more

– Easter Egg To The Future

– Look At Your Game, Quentin
– Ellis, Schell, Kumbuka
– The Ticker Flashback
– Birthdays, What We 
Watched + tons more

– Cinema PaulieDiso – [just can’t get dinner]

– What The Fuck?! (Would You Rather)
– An all new Analog Head-Trip
– So much more, your head will spin!