eMpTy Minds Radio #314 (01-13-2017)

We are the Mysterious Travelers, inviting you to join us on another journey into the realm of the strange and terrifying. We hope you will enjoy the trip, and that it will thrill you a little and chill you a little. So, settle back and get a good grip on your nerves. Where are we going? That’s hard to say. So many of us think we know where we’re going, but fate has a way of changing our destination…as in the tale of “The Strange Journal of Professor Drake.” You seem a bit nervous. Perhaps it would calm your nerves if we were to read to you from Professor Drake’s journal. There are some extremely interesting entries in it – particularly those beginning with the entry made January 13th, 2017. This is EMR three-hundred-fourteen. Enjoy!


Let’s make pauses between
_words, speak then be quiet
_again. In order to better
_understand in our heads, the
_meaning of the word we just

_said. Let’s make pauses on

_the way, looking back care-
_fully and strictly. In order
_not to pass two times,
_through the same wrong
. Let’s make pauses on
_the way.

– The Value of Pink Sludge
– One Creepy Massage, Comin’
_Right Up!
– Shitty! Shitty! Bang! Bang!

– I’ma Gonna Protect Ya’ll From The Fags

– And a whole lot more

– Fake Gun Fight Rating System

– Oh Really, O’Reilly?
– Stewart, Sarstedt, Carey, Abrams

– The Mentaltainment Ticker
– Birthdays, What We Watched + tons more

– Cinema PaulieDiso is on the top of the world
– Techin’ It Up The Ass
– Three ‘Fuck Off!’ rants
– So much more, your head will spin!