eMpTy Minds Radio #289 (07-22-2016)

Wally Kent was the only person there who did not fear the old man. He even admitted to himself that he liked him in a strange sort of way. And that was good, especially as the Sloanes were inclined to be clannish, and Wally intended to propose to Natalie — if he could find her. After having looked everywhere else for her, he finally decided to try Mr. Sloane’s room. Perhaps she had been closeted with her uncle. You definitely will not find out what happened to Natalie on this episode of EMR.  It’s 288, kids. Enjoy!


Give me coffee, king-sized
_cup. Come on, Kitty Cat,
_fill her up. What’s your 

_name, Little Buttercup?
_That’s for me to know, and
_you to make up. Love
_casinos, Indian reservations,
_But, Baby, if you love me –
_take me to the gas station.
_Gas station.

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