eMpTy Minds Radio #268 (02-27-2016)

Ladies and gentlemen, there are two kinds of stories: those that you can take to bed with you and they relax you and put your mind at ease; and then – there is the other kind. And our story tonight is the other kind. I still do not know whether it was the shadow of the madness to which the author himself so tragically succumbed — or whether there really was an evil something that could not be seen or described. Well, why don’t you decide for yourself? We’re simply going to tell you the facts in the case.  This is EMR two-six-eight.  Enjoy!


A guy laid out with a knife in his
_back.  A cop came along, told
_him move on…go home and

_sleep it off. I don’t know if I
_should get involved. Trying
_to find Chinatown. Trying to
_find Chinatown.

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