eMpTy Minds Radio #259 – Big Christmas Show (12-23-2015)

Well, the town of Springfield is lovely to behold this Christmas Eve. About noon today, the first snowflakes began to fall and soon the air was filled with a whirling Christmas; came down heavily all afternoon. Now every lawn and park is white; every roof and chimney top. And out on Maple Street this frosty Christmas Eve, every house seems to have its windows brightly aglow. Every house, that is, except the Andersons. They’re not home. You see, they’re… Well, let’s go back to ten o’clock this morning. Margaret was wrapping packages on the dining room table and Jim was enjoying EMR #259. You can too!


…my Christmas puddin’ so hot and 
_sticky. Do you wanna try some? 
_So licky, licky. Let’s go outside and

_get the Christmas spirit growin’, 
_nothing says Christmas like a good 
_snow blowin’. I’m close, I’m close,
_so close.  Coming for Christmas.

_Coming for Christmas.

– You Didn’t See A Thing
– Satan’s Birthday Suit
– Lemme Holla At You For A Sec
– An Empty Spot In Hell
– String ‘Em Up
– Canine Heroin Dealer
– And a whole lot more

– Miss Whoniverse?

– Spielberg Goes Home
– A win for Tarantino at The Arclight
– Bad Santa 2, Opie less Anthony, Seinfeld Los Angeles
– Mentaltainment Ticker
– Birthdays, What We Watched + tons more

– Our annual re-play of the Gay German’s rendition of “A Visit From St. Nicholas”
– Clamboy plays us three Christmas tunes LIVE on his guitar
– A special holiday message and challenge from Clamboy
– A Christmas call from Darryl in Beaverdale Pennsylvania
– The EMR Super Christmas Trivia Quiz Thing
– Tons, and tons of more Christmas fun
– So much more, your head will spin!