eMpTy Minds Radio – The Show Has Been Stolen (08-10-2012)

He STOLE the show!   We are not talking about a guest we had on or one of the regulars that was so solid in their EMR presence that they outshone everyone else.  No.  We are talking about some piece of shit, asshole, scumbag, prick, motherfucker who literally stole our show.  

See, we recorded the latest episode on Friday evening as we always do, but a couple of hours after it was recorded and before it was backed up anywhere, previously mentioned asshole broke into one of our vehicles and stole some items, including Episode 84.   We  hope this individual gets hit by a freight train while sitting in his living room proudly looking over items  currently in his possession that don’t belong to him.   That was a bit of a tirade, but it needed to be said.

We hate to beg, but we are going to anyway.   At the same time the show was stolen, so was some portable audio equipment that we use to record the show, and this equipment isn’t cheap.  Please hit our DONATE page to contribute any monetary amount through Paypal or contact us via the form on the CONTACT page for other options.  Thanks EMR folk!

We will be back on Friday the 17th for another episode…we promise!