eMpTy Minds Radio (never before aired) (08-17-2018)

That’s right, friends, you read it correctly. There is not a new show this week, but in a sense there is. This is the never before aired Episode #1 of EMR. It was recorded on November 7th, 2010.  Due to out-of-townedness this week and a strong urge to provide you with a new show, rather than our once or twice a year best of shit, we present you with this. Please excuse the crudity of this model. We didn’t have time to build it to scale. And now…from an office that used to be a bedroom…


The plans of a race gone mad. A
_final solution to pass. All dreams
_taken from their lives. No hope
_for the young all the old realize.
_He is but a solitary man, whos
_prejudice will spread like a flame
_throughout the land. He’s en-
_slaving those who will be free;
_etching his name in black. for
_all of us to hear and see. A 
_yellow star for those accused. 
_There’s no escape once you’ve

_been pinned. A relocation only
_to confuse and propaganda to
_hide their awful truth. Screams
_in the night. Scars so deep that
_they won’t mend. Screams in the
_night. Screams in the night. In
their souls, they can’t pretend.

– A Story
– Maybe Another Story
– Perhaps Another Story
– And a whole lot more

– This May Not Have Even Been A Segment Yet

– But Rest Assured…Entertainment Is Talked About
– Birthdays, What We
Watched + tons more

– The Shocker – Myron Gets Prophetic About FB
– Early Christmas & Halloween Chatter
– How Did We Get To Episode 396? You Decide
– So much more, your head will spin!