eMpTy Minds Radio – Episode 43 (10-30-2011) Happy Halloween!

As part of our make Halloween as scary as possible campaign, we have sent Garry to church once again…so he will not be joining us today.   However, Tom & Myron are ably assisted by Mr. Jerry and a surprise drop in by “Leaf” regular Scott.  Chainsaws and shotguns raised, we march into the den of zombies and see if we can’t put a stop to the infestation before every last brain in America has been devoured by zomb…errr…umm…stupidity.  Along the way, we leap the following hurdles and chainsaw and shotgun them, respectively:

– Local football team wins again, by a scarily small margin
– Loads of fucked up teens with issues – horrifying
Lindsay Lohan…nude.  FUCK YEAH! 
Garry married!  If marriage isn’t terrifying, we don’t know what is
– Did we mention it’s Halloween?  You might have gathered
– Pigs at “The Pig” 
Snooki…not nude.  Still FUCK YEAH! (Myron disagrees)
– The other Lohan – and you thought “Mother” was off her rocker
– Nice R.I.M. job!  Or uh…nice job R.I.M.!
– A HOT game of Volume On / Volume Off
– Was Phelps fucked?  By a man?  Maybe God isn’t the only one who hates fags
OK Cupid, find me a ho!
– This is a mind-reeling 2 Hour & 27 Minute long show – enough to make you scream!
– Watched films, bad dates, great parties, awesome cigars, celeb costumes & SO MUCH MORE!