eMpTy Minds Radio – Episode 42 (10-23-2011)

Okee dokee…

Tom and Myron, with help from Garry…oh…uh…and Jerry.  Wait a second.  Did Jerry just pull this shit again?  Alright.  We will let him off easy this time because he failed his math test…but next time…

Anyway, we all unite, raise aloft our mighty swords and belt out the magical words “By the power of bullshit!  I have the power!”  Then…everyone looks at us weird, we take off our costumes, put down our plastic swords (yes…they’re plastic) and get on with the show, which today lays waste to the following little morsels:

– Fuck the… Really?  Okay, Myron…Fuck the Twins!
– Bad, tacky, run of the mill hip-hop flyers
– DeLorean.  Nuff Said!
– Fuck the…Wait.  Them too?  Okay, Myron…Fuck the Vikings!
– Smelly shoelaces for just four bucks
– Giant fucking cigar
– Giant fucking hamburger
– Giant fucking truckload of spoiled food
– Charlie Sheen Roast (completely unnecessary)
– Guy who killed the purse snatching asshole…we love you!
– What do you get when you mix a 17 year old with a ski-mask & stolen panties?
– Lohan shares breakfast and lunch with coroner, to coroner’s shagrin
– Fridays at Muddy Pig – Aces, Wednesdays at Muddy Pig – who are these assholes?
– Libya, Carlin, Birthdays, Movies & loads of other shit on this nearly 2 1/2 hour episode