eMpTy Minds Radio #479 (03-20-2020)

I’m being followed by a Dream Castle. Dream Castle. Dream Castle. Skippin’ and hoppin’ on a Dream Castle…Oh shit. Didn’t know we were on the air. You caught me humming to myself. Hi friends, Mort Lawry here. Maybe that wasn’t very professional, but at least you caught me humming the right tune. Dream Castle. That’s right Dream Castle Cigarettes. Never has there been a smoke so smooth, so creamy, so perfect. Sooooo Dreamy. Dream Castle CIgarettes — you’ll never even see the cancer coming.  Now, your friends and mine at EMR. Enjoy!


You throw me in a pan, you
_cook me in a can, you stretch
_me with your hands. You love
_to watch me bake, you serve
_me up with cake, and that’s

_your big mistake. Your guest

_comes in dressed smart. You
_offer a la carte. You didn’t
_have the heart. You left me
_burned and seared. You left
_me ripped and teared. And
_older than my years. I should
known at first that you would
_leave me hurt. You had to try
_dessert. I wish I could say that
_everyone was wrong
. I wish
_everyone was wrong.

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