eMpTy Minds Radio #475 (02-21-2020)

In the Northland, there’s still snow on the ground and a wind that will beat you senseless, so it’s kind of tough to believe that Spring is just around the corner. BUT, it is.  Hi, friends, Mort Lawry here to remind you to plant early. With the brand new seed products from Soil Destroyer Inc, you can’t lose. Hell, plant in January if you want. It might be hard to dig, but that’s on you. Soil Destroyer makes seeds you can count on for the biggest, mutant fruits, veggies and flowers that ever grew on God’s green earth. What the fuck are you waiting for? Grab the spade and get on out in that yard. Get it done and get it done now with the help of your friends at Soil Destroyer. Now — EMR!


I’ve been seeing you for
_months coming to this 
_place. Now what I want to
_know is — honey, when can
_I see your face? I know 

_you’ve been hiding some-

_thing, secrets in your past.
_Whoa, baby, I’ve just got to
_know — what’s behind the
_mask? Please, baby, please,
_please, give me one quick
_glance. Now, how come I
can’t see your face, when I
_see what’s in your pants?
_What’s behind the mask, girl?
_What’s behind the mask?

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