eMpTy Minds Radio #474 (02-13-2020)

Let’s face it, friend — the way you fucked things up last week, there is no way you’re getting off the hook with chocolates and a card this Valentine’s Day. Hi, Gents…it’s your old pal Mort Lowry here to help you out. This Valentine’s Day give her something she really wants — Another Guy. That’s right, Another Guy…the brand new item from Enough Of This Shit Enterprises. Call up EOTSE today and get your special lady Another Guy. She will thank you for it! All orders must be placed by midnight February 12th.¬† Another great product from our friends at EOTSE! And now EMR, episode… What? Who gives a shit? Just listen!


Is it you? Is it you who’s been
_orchestrated? Is it you? Is it
_you who’s born frustrated?
_Is this human freedom,
_hedonistic excess? Junkie

_consumerism, mass-pro-

_duction, toxic sickness.
_Everyone is wearing now,
_plastic masks that they hide 
_behind. Marketing massive
_sales of nothing. Everything
_is selling. Is it you? Is it you
who’s been orchestrated? Is
_it you? Is it you who’s born

– Brand New Spook-A-Saurus
– Moose Don’t Fucking Swing!
– And a whole lot more

– Drats…It’s Cats
– Stream Re-Opens Case
– Kramer, Blum, Eminem
– The Ticker Flashback
– Birthdays + tons more

– An all new Top Ten List
– A bunch of Odd Valentine’s Day Tidbits
– Another pile of Shower Thoughts
– Minnesota Vice
– It’s an all nude episode of EMR
– So much more, your head will spin!