eMpTy Minds Radio #473 (02-07-2020)

Hi, my friends, it’s me…your old pal Mort Lawry to talk about February. February is National Snowmobile Repair & Maintenance Awareness Month.  What better time than now for you to hook up with the folks that have been fixin’ your winter toys longer than anyone?  I’m talking about Pete’s Sled Hole out on County Route 44.  At Pete’s every completed job is a work of art. Fuck…they’ll probably sign your completed sled if you ask ’em to.  Pete’s Sled Hole, Route 44. When it comes to your winter fun, don’t fuck around! Now, EMR…episode four-seven-three.


This fucking country’s lost its
_grip. Subconscious hold begins
_to slip. The scales of justice
_tend to tip. The legal system
_has no spine. It’s corroding 

_from inside. Slap your hand,

_you’ll do no time. Reality on
_vacation, all across a blinded 
_nation. Mentality under 
_sedation. Anyone can be
_set free on a technicality.
_Explain the law again to me.
Here in 1994, things are diff-
_erent than before. Violence
_is what we adore. Invitation
_to the game. Guns and blades
and media fame. Every day –
_more of the same.

– Your Honor, Members of The Jury — Party On!
– Junk Mail. Lots of Junk Mail
– And a whole lot more

– He Wants A New Drug…One That Helps With His Ears
– Cinema PaulieDiso takes up residence
– Rock, Schreiber, Mayhew
– The Ticker Flashback
– Birthdays + tons more

– An all new Top Ten List
– A bunch of Odd Historical Tidbits
– A pile of Shower Thoughts
– Minnesota Vice
– So much more, your head will spin!