eMpTy Minds Radio #460 (11-08-2019)

And now a word from tonight’s sponsor — Wellton’s Flame Fucker. Friends, Mort Lawry here. If you’re like me, you hate walking outside on a cold morning and scraping your windows for what seems like an eternity. Never again. With this revolutionary invention by Wellton’s, the same people who brought you the self-cleaning sandwich, you will never spend more than five seconds on your car’s windows again. It’s the Flame Fucker. Push the button – it lights. Aim it at your windows and BLAM, snow, ice, anything that’s there is gone in a flash. I am serious folks…once you get the hang of it — five painless seconds and you are ready to drive away. It’s Wellton’s Flame Fucker, available at fine auto parts stores everywhere. Now…back to EMR. This is episode 460. Enjoy!


It’s early morning, the sun
_comes out. Last night was
_shaking and pretty loud. My
_cat is purring, it scratches my
_skin. So, what is wrong with

_another sin? Here I am. Rock
_you like a hurricane. Here I
_am. Rock you like a hurricane.
_The bitch is hungry, she needs
_to tell. So give her inches and
_feed her well. More days to
_come,  new places to go. I’ve
_got to leave, it’s time for a 
_show. Here I am. Rock you like
_a hurricane. Here I am. Rock 
_you like a hurricane

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