eMpTy Minds Radio #435 Best of Five Minute Cinema (05-17-2019)

This here, kids, is a rare treat. A “best of” show. We hardly ever do these, but we decided to take a much needed fucking vacation.  Enjoy this hour of EMR history. It is Episode 435!

THE REST: Myro, Garry, Jerry, Paulie, Nikki

Drivin’ home this evening, I coulda
_sworn we had it all worked out. You had
_this boy believin’ way beyond the
_shadow of a doubt, yeah. Well I heard it
_on the
street, I heard you mighta found
_somebody new, yeah.

_Well who is he baby, who is he
_And tell me what he means to you, oh
_yeah. I took it all for granted, but how
_was I to know that you’d be letting go?
_Now, it cuts like a knife, but it feels so
_right. Yeah, it cuts like a knife. Oh, but
_it feels so right. There’s times I’ve been _mistaken. There’s times I thought I’d
_been misunderstood, oh yeah. So, wait
_a minute darlin’, can’t you see we did
_the best we could, oh we could.
_Wouldn’t be the first time that things
_have gone astray. Now you’ve thrown it
_all away. Now it cuts like a knife. Yeah,
_but it feels so right. Oh it cuts like a
_knife. Yeah, but it feels so right. Oh it’s
_cut like a knife. But it feels so right,
_baby. Oh it cuts like a knife, yeah.


– Five 5 Minute Cinemas
– Plus one additional bonus 5 Min Cin