eMpTy Minds Radio #432 (04-26-2019)

Ladies and Gentlemen, the American Broadcasting Company brings transcribed to its entire network, one of radio’s most unusual programs: eMpTy Minds Radio, For Hire. That’s right. Is there bullshit in your life? Are things so mucked up in stupidity that you find it hard to breath? You’ve come to the right place, friends. Just call that number on your screen. We’ve got this! Meanwhile, kick back and listen to the show. This here is numeral four-hundred-thirty-two!


There was no light shining
_through the window as
_Margaret lie in bed. She was
_wearing her cotton pajamas,
_a crucifix above her head. She

_awoke from a dream. Her eyes
_were open. Her lips were 
_moving in the dark. Speak to

_me in many voices; make them
_all sound like one. Let me see
_your sacred mysteries. Reveal
_to me the unknown tongue. 
_She put her hands upon her
_breasts and they were small
_and hard and young. And every-
_where she touched, she felt the
_fire. Waiting for the answer that
_must surely come. Is this the way
_to love or is this just the way to
_die? Speak to me in many voices
_Make them all sound like one

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