eMpTy Minds Radio #430 (04-12-2019)

She’s a novelist and short story writer, master of a sunny mood that turns to terror in a single sentence. But her statements are not dark for the sake of darkness; rather for the bitter truth that’s in them. Tonight, we present one of the most dramatic and horrifying of the Shrilly Jackball stories, “The Lottery.” This tale of terror and suspense will be heard immediately following this exciting new product announcement from Dickweed Enterprises. If none of that crap sounds appealing, you can always listen to our show. It’s eMpTy Minds Radio or EMR to the initiated. This is our 430th episode. Enjoy!


The Tristitude — it’s when you
_just swallow a toothpick. When
_you realize your father is a Swiss-
_German. When a friend calls you
_for his move…and it hurts. The

_Tristitude — it’s to pass the 
_Tunnel of Fourviere on 15th
_August. When you have to go live

_in Nogent-le-Rotrou. When your
_hairdresser tells you that you
_have red reflections, and it _hurts. 
The Tristitude — it’s me,
_it’s you, it’s us. What is it? It’s a
_little bit of distress in the crook
_of our arms. The Tristitude — it’s
_hmm. It’s whoa. It’s them. It’s you

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