eMpTy Minds Radio #424 (03-01-2019)

To most people, a zoo is a collection of four-footed animals. But there’s one menagerie I know of where the inmates walk on two feet. In the first cage, for instance, you’ll find the Giant Forger, whose specialty is writing other people’s names. And in another iron cell, you can inspect the genus pickpocket — known also as the “Little Dip” — who can sometimes prove that the hand is quicker than the eye. But the prize exhibit is a hopped-up character with a nervous twitch in his forefinger. He prowls alone when he looks for prey, and he’s known for his taste for…murder. Oh…and the peanut vendor…he knows about a hell of a podcast. It’s called EMR or eMpTy Minds Radio to the uninitiated. Stroll on over, ask to sample his nuts and he will tell you all about good listening. This is episode 424 of the big show. Enjoy the fuck out of it!


Dreaming, dreaming of a girl
_like me. Hey, what are you 
_waiting for? Feeding, feeding
_me. I feel like I’m disappear-
_ing, getting smaller every day.

_But I look in the mirror, I’m
_bigger in every way. She said,
_you aren’t never going any-

_where. You aren’t never going
_anywhere. I ain’t never going
_anywhere. I ain’t never going
_anywhere. I’m in heaven now.
_I can see you, Richard. Goodbye
_Hollywood, goodbye Downey,
_hello Janis, hello Dennis, Elvis
_and all my brand new friends.
_I’m so glad you’re all here with
_me until the very end.

– Dipping Sauce For Your Nuggets
– Redneck Bell Curve
– Between Grandma And The Deep Blue Sea
– And a whole lot more

– A Review To A Kill

– Three Days of The Wakandor

– Cornell, Saunders, Hollis
– The Ticker Flashback
– Birthdays, What We
Watched + tons more


– Cinema PaulieDiso’s rise to fame
An all new Top Ten List
– A round of The EMR Guinness World Records Quiz
– Plenty of Odd Tidbits
– So much more, your head will spin!