eMpTy Minds Radio #418 (01-18-2019)

Of course you know the great family of Cruger who ruled New York society for generations. When Mrs. Peter John Cruger the 3rd died, her mantle descended as a matter of course to Mrs. Peter John Cruger the 4th. This beautiful and charming young woman — “Mimi” by name — inherited not only her mother-in-law’s scepter but also Teresa de Guion. Teresa de Guion was the first and certainly the greatest of social secretaries. The story begins one summer morning at Carriswoode, the enormous and rather monstrous Cruger estate in upper Westchester. Mimi and Teresa de Guion were together in the breakfast room listening to the radio. Mimi turns the dial to light jazz. Teresa stands, throws Mimi across the room into a table full of goodies. “Fuck your smooth jazz, it’s EMR time, bitch!” This is episode 418, won’t you enjoy it just as the aristocrats of New York do?


When they turn the pages of his-
_tory. When these days have passed
_long ago. Will they read on us with
_sadness for the seeds that we let
_grow? We turned our gaze from 

_the castles in the distance. Eyes
_cast down on the path of least re-
_sistance. Cities full of hatred, 

_fear and lies. Withered hearts
_and cruel, tormented eyes.
_Scheming demons dressed in 
_kingly guise, beating down the
_multitude and scoffing at the
_wise. The hypocrites are
_slandering the sacred halls of
_truth. Ancient nobles showering
_their bitterness on you. Can’t we
_find the minds that made us strong?
_Can’t we learn to feel what’s right
_and what’s wrong? What’s wrong?
_Can’t we raise our eyes and make a
_start? Can’t we find the minds to
_lead us closer to the hear?

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