eMpTy Minds Radio #415 (12-28-2018)

My dear Mr. Otis, I feel it my bounden duty, as the present owner of Canterville Chase, to acquaint you and your family, as the prospective owners, with the facts. Your belief in them rests, quite naturally, with yourselves. May old acquaintance be forgot…blah, blah, blah. This is the last EMR of 2018. It’s episode four-hundred-fifteen. Enjoy!


A new year is upon us. A time of
_hope and promise for some. Sad-
_ness and repetition for others.
_A time to look forward. A time to
_look back. A moment spent on

_resolution. A moment paying out
_restitution. The sun that rises
_also sets. A time of profits. A

_time of debts. Reflection is but
_a blurry image of reality. Our
_minds see to that. Let love and
_light shine through. May caring
_and understanding echo through
_the streets. Will hatred dis-
_appear? History says no. Will
_the replacing of a calendar heal
_wounds? It is doubtful. The
_change begins and ends with all
_of us. If we want better, we make
_better. For all of the well wishes
_and January firsts, in the history
_of mankind, did not envoke change
_all by their lonesome.

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