eMpTy Minds Radio #413 (12-14-2018)

It was a little after seven o’clock in the evening. A family and friends were scattered through the rather austere house. And Mr. Sloane was even more than usually indifferent to their comfort and his responsibility as host. Wally Kent was the only person there who did not fear the old man. He even admitted to himself that he liked him in a strange sort of way. Wally chuckled to himself. “A queer sort of way,” he muttered under his breath. He chuckled again. People don’t use that word in that manner anymore. Strange. Lots of things are strange. Like eMpTy Minds Radio for instance. Queer? Probably not. Peculiar? Positively. This is episode four-hundred-thirteen. Get your peculiar on!


This tree will be our own rising
_star. It will sparkle, even if there
_are clouds in the sky. This soft-
_needled fir, glowing with light –
_the greens, blues, reds, the 

_yellows – all good colors, these.
_Tinsel cheers in a dark evening.
_The winter wearing to that cold

_hour when the snow swirls may
_hide the solstice. And we will
_find once more the vast dark of
_the first breaking  from which 
_all the light gleaming in our eyes
_was drawn. And so for those who
_will come by and share these lights.
And for those who have lived here
_in our time or back as far as the
_generations will go. And for those
_who will yet move here in some
_other season of flickering lights.
_Let us ask a blessing…”

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