eMpTy Minds Radio #410 (11-16-2018)

Through the facilities of the National Biscuit-Casting Company and its independent affiliated stations, Anthony Hopkins presents a radio version of Bobby Ballsack’s tragedy “Pre-demption” written by Whatchew Talkin’ Bout Willis and directed by When You’re Wright, You’re Wright and starring Louis The Intern, who is presently appearing on Broadway in “Jabberwocky & The Numbskull” and Gorothy Dish, one of the all time luminaries of the stage and screen. And here is Mr. Hopkins, in person, to speak to you…errr…uhh…yeah. About that. This is really just EMR episode four-hundred-ten. But we do hope you enjoy it, none the less.


Walking wild at midnight, 
_breathing like a panther. Hold-
_ing hands with my love, dancing

_like a master. Calling all 

_destroyers. Calling all destroyers,

_yeah. Shadow Beach Burgundy, 

_get you high as lightning. Driving
_in your Porsche coupe, don’t
_marry Fanny Frightening. Mix-
_ing with the Moon Maids, melting
_down her rainbow. King Kong,
_bang a gong, all around your
_boudoir. Shadow Beach Bur-
_gundy, get you high as lightning.
_Driving in your Porsche coupe,
_don’t marry Fanny Frightening.
_Driving in your Porsche coupe,
_don’t marry Fanny Frightening.
_Calling all destroyers, yeah!

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