eMpTy Minds Radio #405 (10-19-2018)

This is the Mysterious Traveler inviting you to join me on another journey into the realm of the strange and the terrifying. I hope you will enjoy the trip! And that it will thrill you a little, and chill you a little. So, settle back and get a good grip on your nerves — if you can! This is actually the mysterious EMR, episode 405. But we think you get the man’s point. Clarity. It’s what makes him so damn mysterious. Enjoy!


Let’s have a luau. Loop-de-loop
_loop luau. Let’s have a ball. Loop-
_de-loop loop luau. Let’s have a 

_luau. Invite one and all. Loop-

_de-loop loop luau. No need to 

_dress up. Loop-de-loop loop luau.

_Come as you are. Loop-de-loop
_loop luau. You bring the cola. 
_Loop-de-loop loop luau. I’ll bring 
_my guitar. Loop-de-loop loop
_luau. Girls will all hula, boys will
_all sing, we’ll have a luau. Loop-
_de-loop loop luau. Won’t miss a 
_thing. Loop-de-loop loop luau. 
_You don’t need to live in the islands
_to have a lot of fun. Just pretend
_your patio’s an island in the sun.
_Let’s have a luau. Loop-de-loop
_loop luau.

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