eMpTy Minds Radio #404 (10-12-2018)

I have here from our file, number one-nine-eight-nine-two-oh, a rusted lock, complete with handle. Once, it was brightly nickel-plated – and both handsome and utilitarian. Now, its beauty has been completely destroyed by the effects of a very hot fire. And its usefulness is ended by the fact that it is locked. Some of its parts have been fused by the heat which it endured. It’s part of the right-hand door of a motor car, the door next to the driver’s seat. It was locked before the fire. Please keep that important information in mind as you listen to episode four-zero-four. Enjoy!


Born a bastard child – nobody knows
_who’s son. On the old Chisholm
_Trail, and he continues to run. She’s

_a ’32 Ford, chopped five window

_coupe. Chevrolet mill really, really

_stirs the soup. Turn up the bass, 

_turn up the treble – Texas Rock-a-
_billy rebel. When everyone said 
_early on, they had lost the fight. 
_Deep down inside they knew – they
_knew they had the might. Like 
_Harold Dawson, Mouser King. Too
_many more to say. Wide whitewall
_wheels gonna…gonna blow you 
_away. It goes real fast, but it sure
_feels good. It goes real fast, but it
_sure feels good. It goes real fast, 
_but it sure feels good. It feels

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